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Prof. Dr. Holger Cramer

"Despite its international importance, osteopathy has not yet been comprehensively integrated into the German health care system. Continuous research into osteopathy is essential here in order to gain a more differentiated picture of its effectiveness and safety. The mission of the German Foundation for Osteopathy cannot be overstated here."

Prof. Dr. Holger Cramer
Prof. Marina Fuhrmann M.Sc.

Osteopathy needs science and research because science creates knowledge based on facts, data and investigations, which helps us further develop osteopathy. We can understand causes and principles of action based on reliable data, reject hypotheses or substantiate them. Patients are the primary beneficiaries of this research.”

Prof. Marina Fuhrmann M.Sc.
Heike Henkel

“Osteopathy has rightly gained more and more popularity in recent years. With more security and recognition, the German Osteopathy Foundation is ensuring that it finds its way out of the corner of so-called alternative medicine. It is a serious form of medicine in its own right that belongs firmly in the German health care system. It is important to me to strengthen the trust in osteopathy and to work hard to establish osteopathy as a further component of health care in Germany.”

Heike Henkel

Foundation Council

Ministerpräsident a.D.<br> Prof. Roland Koch
Ministerpräsident a.D.
Prof. Roland Koch
Prof. Dr. med.<br> Karl-Ludwig Resch
Prof. Dr. med.
Karl-Ludwig Resch
Vorständin der Salus BKK<br> Ute Schrader
Vorständin der Salus BKK
Ute Schrader
Cornelis Stettner
Cornelis Stettner

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